Master’s Thesis

The culminating thesis project is an opportunity for graduate students to integrate and apply practical skills and training learned through their epidemiological coursework. This project is based on interest, exposure and experience in their chosen concentration. Students are facilitated by faculty advisors, all of whom direct major research programs and have considerable expertise that provide excellent opportunities for student research and field training. After the writing is finished, students will make an oral or poster presentation. Some examples of past student thesis work include:

  • Prior behavior towards influenza vaccine and distress related to COVID-19 pandemic in predicting intentions to receive influenza and potential COVID-19 vaccinations among cancer survivors.
  • Modeling vulnerability of perinatal opioid-associated hepatitis b and c infections: a spatial epidemiological approach
  • Impact of Physical Violence by an Intimate Partner and Perceived or Experienced Stigma and Discrimination on HIV Viral Load Status: A cross-sectional analysis using the Women’s Interagency HIV Study (WIHS)
  • Analyzing the Effect of Financial Barriers as a Social Determinant to HPV Vaccine Uptake in Adolescents
  • The Effect of Nativity on the Association Between Diet Quality and Metabolic Syndrome: An Analysis of NHANES 2013-2018