Accelerated Degree Program in Epidemiology

Current juniors of Georgetown College may be eligible to apply for our Accelerated M.S. Program. The Accelerated Program allows undergraduates to double-count 6 academic credits towards both their Bachelor’s and EPID degrees, with the possibility to count additional credits solely towards the EPID degree. Upon graduating with their Bachelor’s, they immediately proceed to fulfill the remaining requirements for the Master’s. As such, these students are able to earn their Master’s degree in just two graduate semesters. Information can be found in our flyer here.

Degree Requirements

Students in the Accelerated Program must complete the 120 credits (Georgetown College students) required for their Bachelor’s degree programs, as well as the 34 credits required for the EPID Master’s program, without a break in between.

Accelerated M.S. students take EPID coursework during the final semesters of their undergraduate program, with approval from their dean and EPID’s Program Director.

  • Required: Two courses (6 credits) to be double-counted to both their undergraduate and EPID degrees.
  • Optional: Additional courses that would count solely towards the EPID degree.

Who Should Apply

  • Current candidates for the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in Georgetown College in their junior year.
  • Applicants must have at least a 3.5 overall GPA and the approval of their undergraduate dean.

How to Apply

  • Review the EPID website for program information.
  • Consult with your undergraduate dean and EPID’s Program Director at
  • Follow the instructions in How to Apply.
  • On the online application, select the “Epidemiology” program.

When to Apply

Submit the application by the spring semester of your junior year. Application deadlines are January 15 and April 1.

Further questions may be directed to